Eco Acetate

Discover our Eco Acetate frames. Eco friendly frames made with a higher percentage of natural components which are also recyclable and biodegradable.

Evan Ebony 2 colors
Evan Burnt 2 colors
Parker Ebony 2 colors
Parker Ash 2 colors
Mario Ash 7 colors
Mario Ebony 7 colors
Jeff Ebony 5 colors
Gina Rose Gold/Burnt 9 colors
Richie Burnt 4 colors
Maggie Slims Champagne 3 colors
Maggie Slims Burnt 3 colors
Maggie Slims Havana 3 colors
Richie Honey 4 colors
Montell Havana 4 colors
Jill Milk 4 colors
Omar Mimetic 4 colors
Jeff Mimetic 5 colors
Gina Moonstruck 9 colors
Gina Rose Gold/Havana 9 colors
Gina Silver/Mimetic 9 colors
Clark Desert Dust 5 colors
Martin Grand Desert Dust
Maurice Slim Honey 9 colors
Richie Ash 4 colors
Richie Havana Eco 4 colors
Montell Ash 4 colors
Jill Lodge 4 colors
Jill Havana Eco 4 colors
Omar Ash 4 colors
Jeff Ash 5 colors
Gina Lodge 9 colors
Clark Ash 5 colors
Ethan Grand Ash 8 colors
Maurice Slim Ash 9 colors