Slim fit

Discover our slim optical collection. Elevate your look with slim glasses for men and women.

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Maggie Slims Champagne 3 colors
Maggie Slims Burnt 3 colors
Maggie Slims Havana 3 colors
Jill Slims Brick 4 colors
Jill Slims Champagne 4 colors
Jill Slims Havana 4 colors
Jill Slims Minty 4 colors
Richie Slims Havana 4 colors
Richie Slims Ash 4 colors
Richie Slims Brick 4 colors
Richie Slims Denim 4 colors
Maurice Slim Honey 9 colors
Martin Slims Denim 5 colors
Oscar Slims Gold/Black 6 colors
Oscar Slims Gun/Eclipse 14 colors
Dean Slims Gold/Black 8 colors
Dean Slims Gun/Eclipse 14 colors
Dean Slims White Gold/Petal 8 colors
Jane Slims Gold/Tortoise 5 colors
Jane Slims White Gold/Petal 5 colors
Maurice Slim Ash 9 colors
Martin Slims Blue Fog 5 colors
Althea Slims Tornado 2 colors
Oscar Slims Cola 6 colors
Oscar Slims Interstellar 6 colors
Dean Slims Cola 8 colors
Dean Slims Interstellar 8 colors
Jane Slims Rose Gold Glossy 5 colors
Jane Slims Interstellar 5 colors
Jane Slims Gold Glossy 5 colors
Maurice Slims Rosé 3 colors
Maurice Slims Bourbon 3 colors
Maurice Slims Canyon 3 colors
Althea Slims Lilac 2 colors
Oscar Slims Black 6 colors
Oscar Slims White Gold 6 colors
Dean Slims Black 8 colors
Dean Slims White Gold 8 colors
Dean Slims Rose Gold 8 colors
Martin Slims Bourbon 5 colors
Martin Slims Canyon 5 colors
Martin Slims Champagne 5 colors